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  • What is the Art of Equality: Art and Literacy contest?
    This contest is a community engagement strategy of the Absolute Equality-Juneteenth Mural Project. Through this visual art and literary contest we are reaching and engaging broad and diverse populations of students in the dialogue about social justice and racial equality in a creative and constructive way.
  • Who can participate in the Art of Equality: Art and Literacy contest?
    To participate in the contest, you must be a student in grades 8–12, an/or undergraduate collegiate student living in Texas.
  • Is there a particular theme that I should i address with my submission?
    Yes, your submisson should address the question, "What does Absolute Equality mean to you?" Scholarships and prizes are presented to students whose work fits this particular theme.
  • How many submissions can I turn in?
    Only one submission can be submitted per person.
  • How do I choose which works to submit to the contest?
    Students should enter works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal vision or voice. Please read the prompt for specific entry criteria.
  • What is your plagiarism policy?
    All work entered into the contest must be original, meaning you create the work based on your own ideas. By entering work to the contest, you agree that you created it and did not copy it from any other person, business, school, or organization. Any work that infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights will be disqualified.
  • What size should my artwork image be?
    Uploaded images should have a print resolution of 300dpi and the file size should be around 3MB–5MB. If you are unable to provide your file at “Excellent” print quality then upload the best quality you have.
  • Are there word limits for writing?
    Yes, there is a 500 word limit on literary submissions.
  • Is there a fee to enter the contest?
    No, there is no fee to enter the contest.
  • If I receive an award will my work be exhibited or published?
    All award winners will be highlighted at the Juneteenth dedication June 19, 2024 and during an awards presentation TBA. Winning artwork and literary submissions will also be displayed and published.
  • Must I be enrolled in school to submit?
    All students are eligible as long as you live or reside in Texas Region IV. Please check map to verify your eligibility.
  • What if I am homeschooled or I attend a virtual school, can I still apply?"
    As long as you live in Texas Region IV you are eligible to apply. Please check Region IV map to verify your eligibility.
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